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1500 Contra Costa Blvd
Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523
Tel: (925) 682-6800


FURNITURE : MON - SAT 10:00AM - 6:00AM
JEWELRY : MON - SAT 10:00AM - 5:30PM

1 (925) 682-6800




Furniture Consignments - Terms and Conditions

MINIMUM CONSIGNMENTS – Minimum net consignment amount (total of one consignment net invoice- amount to be paid to consignor) is $100.- (one hundred dollars). The store cannot handle consignment invoices totaling less than this minimum of $100.

PAYMENTS - After items are sold, consignor will be issued a check for 55% of the sold price. Checks are issued once a month at the end of each month. Payment checks can be picked up at the store at the end of the next month after items are sold. You will be notified if and when there is a payment check ready for your pickup. Payment checks are only ready and available after you are notified by the store and at no other time. Payment checks are NOT mailed out. In the event that consignor has or will move out of the area, the consignor needs to make special arrangements with the store to have the payment check mailed to their new address by via certified mail, which carries an additional fee of $5 for each mailing.

MULTIPLE ITEM INVOICE - (where there are more than one item in the consignment invoice) Payments for partial invoice sales will be made in the monthly cycle providing that : (1) the total check amount for the partial sales exceeds $100.- or (2) all items within the invoice are sold or (3) the invoice is otherwise closed (remaining unsold items returned or donated). Partial invoice sales means not all of the items on the invoice are sold, some items are still unsold. Payment will not be made for partial sold items that did not total up to the $100 minimum check unless condition (2) and (3) are met.

SELL PRICE - At Estates Consignments, we believe in giving the right price for the items from the beginning. We do not engage in the discounting the items as time progresses. We will only take the items if the consignor agree that the proposed price is fair for them. As a rule of thumb, items are typically priced to sell for less than 30%-50% of their approximate current retail value and further adjusted per demand/condition/completeness etc.

CONSIGNMENT PERIOD - Consigned items will be put for sale until they are sold. The amount of time that Estates Consignments will attempt to sell the item is one month, to a maximum of two months or as arranged with consignment manager. Special arrangements can be made for special or hard to sell items.

PICKUP / DELIVERY FEES – Pickup or Delivery of consignment items can be arranged through Estates Consignments. The local delivery or pickup of consignment items are charged at $100 per one truck load, for 1 one-way local trip within 20 miles radius of the store. One truck load is a load that can safely fit into a 14ft box truck. Items to be picked up must be prepared for pickup in one area of the home, on the first level. Truck drivers cannot collect items from all over the house nor go up on stairs.

SELLABILITY - At Estates Consignments we consign only items that we believe we can sell at a reasonable time and at a reasonable price. We often will have to refuse beautiful things simply because we know we are unable to sell them due to the price asked, the abundance of like items in the store, low demand, or wrong season etc.

DAMAGES - Since Estates Consignments showroom is a large showroom available to the general public, despite utmost care and prevention measures, accidents can regrettably occur from customer handling and other mishaps. Consignor will not hold Estates Consignments responsible for damages that their consigned items may incur while being displayed for sale.

UNSOLD ITEMS - If the items are not sold within the allocated time, the consignor will be notified to pick their consigned goods up. At this time, the store will prepare the items to be picked up for you. If the consigned items are unsold and not picked up within two weeks after notification, the items will be considered abandoned. Abandoned items will be handled at our cost and discretion.

PICKUP CHECKS or UNSOLD ITEMS – You will be notified by the store (to the contact info you provided on the invoice) if you need to pickup a check or/and pickup unsold items. If you wish to pick-up your items PRIOR to our notification, please notify the store and give us a minimum of 2 weekdays to get your items ready for pickup. Please note that unscheduled drop-ins to pickup check or unsold items cannot be entertained due to the extensive amount of consignments that we handle.

ABANDONMENT - When the maximum consignment period is over and Estates Consignments is not able to sell the item, the consignor will be notified by email or by phone to the contact information that were given to us. The consignor has a maximum of two weeks after the notification to make arrangement for their items. If after two weeks the items are not picked up, they will be considered abandoned, and will be handled of at our cost and discretion. Consignor will not hold Estates Consignments responsible for abandoned items as the result of consignor's unresponsiveness

REACHABILITY & NOTIFICATION - It is the consignor responsibility to give us a reachable email address, phone number or mailing address where we can notify the consignor of the status of their consigned goods. Payment checks are not mailed out (see PAYMENT paragraph). If the consignor anticipates moving or changing phone number, it is the consignor's responsibility to check with the store for the status of their consigned items. Consignor will not hold Estates Consignments responsible for abandoned items as the result of the consignor's unresponsiveness to our notification.

FEES - Lost and defaced checks can be issued after the stop-pay of the initial check. There is a charge of $35 (bank’s stop payment fee).